Justin Wilmot

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Who is Justin Wilmot?" 

A surfer dude turned full-time real estate investor from Flagler Beach, Florida. 

Q: "What exactly is Justin Wilmot's 10-Hour Wholesaling Assignment Contract?"

It's a customized assignment contract for wholesaling houses the 10-Hour Wholesaler Way. 

Q: "How will it help me?" 

This contract allows you to make money wholesaling houses using Justin's unique methodology.

Q: "How do I know if it's right for me?" 

If you want to wholesale houses without any marketing costs, without making offers, without needing earnest money or proof of funds, it may
be right for you.

Q: "Is it really free?"

The cost of the assignment contract is exactly $0. 

Q: "How do I get it?" 

You'll receive an email with the download link after you enter your email.

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